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1993 / National Sculpture Factory

A collection of images from the National Sculpture Factory floor from around 1993.
© NSF 1993

ISBN 3-86560-046-8 / [Unnamed, Untitled] / Cork Caucus / Book

2006 Publication (ed. by Cork Caucus, National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Irish/English/German, 160 pages, 18 x 11.7 cm, hardcover with dust jacket, offset printing, glassine paper with printed International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 3-86560-046-8, transparent adhesive tape) Translation into Irish: Caoimhín Mac GiollaLéith; graphic design: Judith Schalansky
“Publishing the fact that something will remain unpublished.” – The book contains only this one sentence, extending sequentially in Irish, English, and German letter for letter across a total of 160 pages. The meaning of the sentence reveals itself when leafing through. The artist’s book was published anonymously – without mentioning the name of the artist or the publisher – for Cork Caucus, co-curated by Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher, Dobz O'Brien and Fergal Gaynor. The project was initiated by Tara Byrne & the NSF.
[Unnamed, Untitled] © Maria Eichhorn 2006

Tom dePaor / Alibi of Use / Interview

The Alibi Of Use is an interview conducted on the 20th August 2009 between Architect Tom dePaor and David Dobz O’Brien, Programmes Manager at the National Sculpture Factory discussing the origins and history behind his design for the mezzanine on the Factory floor which was built in 1999.
Alibi of Use © NSF 2009

just listening : ireland calling / Audio CD / Live Recordings From the just listen Showcase

The NSF in association with farpoint recordings. Copies can be ordered from the National Sculpture Factory and farpoint recordings.
just listening © NSF & farpoint recordings 2011

Tom dePaor / Construction of NSF Mezzanine / Photo Documentation

© NSF 1999

Andrew Stones / Accumulator / Main Projection (extract)

Extract from the site-specific video work for the NSF, December 2003.
Accumulator © Andrew Stones 2003

NSF / Dispatches 2013

An annual publication listing projects, programmes, workshops and activities of the NSF in 2013.
Dispatches © NSF 2013

Shane Cullen / COURAGE TO REFUSE / Cork Caucus / Poster

Courage to Refuse poster advertising the project/discussion by The Culture & Conflict Group as part of Shane Cullen's project Courage to Refuse for Cork Caucus 2005.
Cork Caucus © NSF 2005

1989 / National Sculpture Factory

A collection of images from the National Sculpture Factory floor from around 1989.
© NSF 1989

James Turrell / Ganzfeld Sphere Construction at NSF

Construction of James Turrell's Ganzfeld Sphere on the NSF floor.
Ganzfeld Sphere © James Turrell 1996
Photographs by NSF

James Turrell / Ganzfeld Sphere at the NSF

James Turrell's Ganzfeld Sphere on the NSF floor.
Ganzfeld Sphere © James Turrell 1996
Photographs by NSF

Implants / NSF / Publication

IMPLANTS is a 12 page A3 publication containing a special pull-out of a new limited edition artwork by Fiona Woods. This new publication systematically investigates and interrogates the first iteration of this new programmatic strand at the NSF and is an un-packing of the collective learnt experiences of the first iteration of Im/plants residencies. The publication contains : a) An introduction into the Im/Plant first series by NSF Programmes Manager Dobz O’Brien. b) An independent ethnographic and methodological survey of the 4 Im/plants projects to date by Dr. Eve Olney (Visual Ethnographer and Contextual Studies Lecturer at CCAE) c) An essay by Dr. Mick Wilson (Dept Head at Valand Academy, Gothenburg) on “Institutional Graft”.  d) Tongue-Tied, a text & Image artwork by Fiona Woods that takes the form of a pull-out. The first four Im/plants residencies were undertaken by : 1. Artist - Taf Hassam (Amsterdam). 2. Curators - Rosie Lynch & Hollie Kearns (Workhouse Assembly, Callan). 3. Artist & Educator - Fiona Woods (Clare). 4. Artist & Director of Athens Biennial - Poka Yio (Athens, Greece).

Copies can be ordered from the National Sculpture Factory.
Implants © NSF 2016

Tom dePaor / Construction of NSF Mezzanine / Documentation

Blueprint scans of the NSF's Mezzanine project.
© NSF 1999

Maddie Leach / Evening Echo / Lecture

A public lecture given by artist Maddie Leach.
Lecture Recording © Maddie Leach, NSF 2011

Shane Cullen / Courage to Refuse / Cork Caucus / Introductory Presentation

An introduction by Shane Cullen to the tensions around conflict in ireland throughout the lens of his own practice and specifically the echoes and parallels found in the Courage to Refuse movement.
Courage to Refuse © Shane Cullen
Cork Caucus, NSF 2005

Annie Fletcher / Introduction / Cork Caucus / Text

An text written by co-curator Annie Fletcher as an introduction to Cork Caucus Publication Cork Caucus - On art possibility & democracy which was produced and published after the event in November 2006.
Introduction, Annie Fletcher
Cork Caucus Book © Annie Fletcher 2005

Fred Dewey / Address to the 2005 Cork Caucus from LA / Cork Caucus / Letter

A communiqué from Los Angeles to Cork Caucus by arts and political activist Fred Dewey questioning whether European freedoms are safe in a time of general crisis.
Address to…, Cork Caucus © Fred Dewey 2005

Chantal Mouffe / Which Public Space for Critical Artistic Practices / Cork Caucus / Lecture

A public lecture given by Chantal Mouffe on her conception of the political, how this relates to public space, hegemony and what Mouffe calls ‘agonism’ and the role that art might have to play. Frikin Crane July 6th 2005.
Lecture Recording © Chantal Mouffe, NSF 2005

Surasi Kusolwong / BangCork / Cork Caucus / Slide show / Caucus Book

BangCork was a 3-day market set up in the heart of Cork city in Bishop Lucey Park held between June 25-27. This is the Visual Essay taken directly from the Cork Caucus book in its attempt to witness what unfolded over the 3 day event.
Surasi Kusolwong, BangCork
Documentation Images © NSF 2005

Static / Exit Cork / Cork Caucus Evening Echo Newspaper Insert / July 2005

Exit Review is a project by Static Gallery, Liverpool for Cork Caucus that commissioned reviews for every graduating student at the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork in 2005 and published them publically as an insert in the local Evening Echo newspaper.
Static, Exit Cork, Print © Static, NSF 2005

Cork Caucus Special / Evening Echo Newspaper Insert / June 2005

Cork Caucus Art Possibility and Democracy Insert was a public insert into the local Evening Echo newspaper to draw attention to the up-coming event later that Summer and to introduce the citizens of Cork to the project in order to galvanise support for their future participation.
Cork Caucus Special Insert © NSF 2005

Invite / Cork Caucus Book Launch Invite / Nov 2006

Caucus Invite Print © NSF 2006

Bik Van Der Pol / Ford Boxes / Cork Caucus Evening Echo Newspaper Insert / December 2005

This insert is the out-come of a commissioned project by Bik Van Der Pol for Cork Caucus that manifested itself in part as an insert into the local Evening Echo Newspaper.
Bik Van Der Pol, Ford Boxes Print © Bik Van Der Pol 2005

Surasi Kusolwong / BangCork / Cork Caucus / Video Document

BangCork was a 3-day market set up in the heart of Cork city in Bishop Lucey park held between June 25-27, 2005.
Surasi Kusolwong, BangCork
Documentation Video © NSF 2005

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak / Art & Democracy / Cork Caucus / Public Lecture / Video

This was a public lecture presented by Gayatri Spivak at the Firkin Crane Centre, Cork in June 2005 as part of Cork Caucus. Spivak focuses here on three close examples of contemporary art and literature, and through close reading arrives at the political.
Gayatri Spivak Lecture Recording © Spivak
Video by NSF 2005

Vito Acconci / Thinking for Oneself Through Others / Public Lecture & Cork Caucus Launch / Video

A public lecture by renowned artist Vito Acconci to coincide with the official launch of the Cork Caucus Programme. Held at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in March 2005.
Vito Acconci Lecture Recordings © Vito Acconci
Video by NSF 2005

The Cork Caucus Edition

This is the Cork Caucus Edition of the National Sculpture Factory’s [archive] platform.

In this edition, we have curated important lectures by philosophers Chantal Mouffe, Gayatri Spivak and artist Vito Acconci. We have a number of excerpts from the Caucus book: an introduction by co-curator Annie Fletcher; a letter from Fred Dewey; a visual essay of BangCork. This edition also contains a series of ‘Project inserts’ into the Evening Echo newspaper from 2005 and some audio from Shane Cullen’s presentation on his Courage to Refuse project along with some of our usual additions on the NSF.

Designed as a web based Archive this .art project is an attempt to release the incredible wealth contained within the arts organisation since its inception in 1989. This archive/platform was designed as a one-year - 12month project where at the beginning of each month new material was selected, curated and added creating further depth of understanding across all facets of the NSF’s history and activities.

This is an open repository allowing one to rummage and discover material through one’s own subjective interests and desires.